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There are many ways for you to get involved and support our school.  Become involved in the PTO and attend PTO meetings, sign up to volunteer and donate! Thank you very much! And, your children thank you too.

Getting involved is easy! We will work with you to make sure you can pitch in how and when you want whether it’s in the classroom, doing at-home projects, participating in evening events or weekend activities.


Do you have a unique talent or skill that you’d like to share or access to a unique resource that might be a great fit for the school? Tell us about how you can help! 


Please fill out the online interest form at the link below. All volunteers now need to review and complete the Pacifica School District Volunteer Guidelines and Application Form

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The best way to directly support your children’s school financially is through a donation to the Vallemar PTO.  All of the funds raised go directly toward enriching the experience of our kids.  The Vallemar PTO helps fund the enrichment programs that make Vallemar School special – including technology, science, library, computer, art, music and physical fitness. 

Please consider making a donation today!


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