Dream Big

If we set our minds to it, there isn't much we can't accomplish for our school.  We aim to think strategically about how to best support the quality of education at our school each year and plan to fundraise to support that plan. 


In the past, the PTO has funded:  Chromebooks for the mobile technology cart, Apple TV and iPad minis for the lower grade teachers, BrainPop Junior for the computer lab website, a Fun Tunnel and a Balance beam for the Kindergarten yard, new benches, tetherball, field trips, ping pong tables, a Fit Course, enhancements to the playground structures, art supplies, art instructor, reading specialist, PE teacher, computer teacher, psychomotor instruction, librarian, yard duty, $5000 science lab upgrades, scholastic, library books, K-5 music teacher and more.


If we DREAM BIG, just think what we can do next!

Find us: 

Vallemar School Attn: Vallemar PTO

377 Reina Del Mar, Pacifica, CA 94044