Welcome to vallemar

Dear Vallemar Families,


Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Vallemar! We truly hope that this year becomes a return to “normal”, but not just normal, extraordinary. Here at Vallemar we are more than a school community, we are a family. Which is one of the reasons I transferred my children here after I joined the faculty three years ago. So whether you serve on the board or not, we all make up the Vallemar PTO and our goal is to hear from everyone and make decisions that better the entire school community. Since this year will include far more in person activities and fundraisers than last year, we are gearing up to make it one of our most successful years yet. We encourage you to jump head first into helping or even just dipping a toe in; anything you can contribute helps our teachers, staff, families, but most of all our students!


Our PTO is charged with raising about $100,000 per year, that’s roughly $250 per student, in order to offer and support programs like art, physical education, music, library, vAcademy and many more.  Through PTO funds, we have purchased new printers for each classroom, multiple sets of iPads and Chromebooks for entire classrooms to utilize. We have also funded class grants so that teachers can offer field trips, replace equipment and supplement helpful teaching materials throughout the year. The PTO has always been able to provide these opportunities through a variety of thoughtful, community based fundraisers throughout the year with our most basic fundraiser being our direct ask to families. Bottom line is your direct donation goes straight to programs and equipment that round out your child’s education, and it is our biggest fundraiser all year. You can donate a yearly lump sum or set it up as a smaller monthly donation, whichever way your family is most comfortable contributing. 


Our focus doesn’t stop at monetary needs. In fact, we’d like to say, over the years, we’ve made an even bigger movement, maintaining a positive, enriching community-based atmosphere. By eliminating tedious fundraisers, and creating opportunities for families to gather, and learn together, we have made more successful school family relationships, set a foundation for future growing and collaborating, and encouraged our children to find positive ways to interact. We will continue those efforts this year through transparency and communication. We will continue to use virtual meeting platforms like Facebook groups, Zoom and Google Meet and partnering with our amazing principal and leader, Ms. Lobao, to reach families and support students; in addition to reintroducing in person meetings when they can be held safely. 


If ever you have any questions about the Vallemar PTO, or how to get involved, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out.



Yours Truly,


Angela Diaz (she/her)

Vallemar PTO President 2021-2022

8th Grade ELA/SS/Journalism Teacher